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Vessels and Sculptures

Fishin' Friends (above) and Buggin' Around (right)

Low Fire Earthenware, Underglaze, ^1 Glaze


These two pieces were created to be complementary of each other. Fishin' Friends is a smaller wheel thrown vessel with sculptural additions of a blue ringed octopus and a velvet sea star while Buggin' Around is a hand built vessel with sculptural additions of insects and a lizard. 

Both vessels were built using a low fire earthenware, the sculptural additions were then coated in a white slip base and painted with underglaze before being fire to Cone 1 to achieve the earthy brown tones on the clay body.

Moth Planters and Lantern

Mid Fire Stoneware, Underglaze, ^6 Glaze, Brass Hardware


This grouping of pieces was my first time combining ceramics and printmaking. The moth designs displayed on each piece were screen printed onto rice paper with underglaze and then transferred like a regular underglaze decal. The moth imagery came directly from photographs of moths that were then turned into a bitmap image and transferred to a screen to be printed. To keep a crisp background on the underglaze image white slip was applied to the back of them before transferring

Raku Heart Bowls

Mid Fire Stoneware, ^08-06 Raku Glaze

These pieces were my first time doing raku firing so I stuck to a simple form of small heart shaped trinket dishes. The pieces were glazed and set in a raku kiln to heat up and after monitoring the kiln, turning the gas up regularly, and watching the cone packs inside the kiln the pieces were then pulled and placed in metal cans filled with sawdust and paper with the lids on to cool in a reduction atmosphere.

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